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Holding Drivers Accountable for Texting and Driving

Distracted driving, especially texting while driving, is a very real and present danger on the road. This is especially true when the drivers are young and inexperienced. Every year, hundreds of accidents occur due to drivers texting, leading to numerous injuries and death. According to the FCC, distracted driving caused 16% of all fatal crashes in the United States in 2008. Many of these accidents were a direct result of texting behind the wheel. If you would like more information on distracted driving, especially texting, please speak to an experienced Pennsylvania automobile accident attorney today by contacting us at 814-946-4100.

What Pennsylvania Is Doing About Anti-Texting Laws

Currently, there is no federal law in effect banning people from texting while driving. However, some states have created their own laws banning texting on the road. Regarding our state, Pennsylvania recently signed a bill into law that will make texting while driving a primary offense in the state. This means that a police officer has the right to pull you over if he sees you texting while driving, even if you were not breaking any other laws (such as speeding or running a stop sign). This law will take effect in March 2012. This ban was met with overwhelming support from the Pennsylvania State Senate, House of Representatives, and Governor Tom Corbett.

Talk With an Attorney About Distracted Driving

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