What Is A Foraminotomy?

A foraminotomy is a surgery that widens the openings to your spine where the nerve roots exit your spinal canal. These openings are called the neural foramina.

Why Is A Foraminotomy Performed?

Often when our clients are involved in a traumatic accident that results in spinal injury, such as a motor vehicle accident or a fall, they will need to have a foraminotomy in order to alleviate their pain. A foraminotomy will be performed when the narrowing of the openings put pressure on nerves, which is a condition called foraminal spinal stenosis. The foraminotomy is sometimes performed prior to a spinal fusion. The symptoms of foraminal stenosis often become worse over time, and may include: (1) deep steady pain that may be felt in your thigh, lower back, shoulders, arms or hands; (2) numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness; (3) pain when moving or performing certain activities.

How Long Will My Recovery Be And What Is The Outlook For Pain Relief?

As always, your recovery time will depend on you, but generally you will be able to sit up within two hours of the surgery. You will also be required to wear a soft neck collar if the surgery was performed on your neck. You can expect to leave the hospital a day after surgery. You will be able to resume typical activities, such as driving within a week or two, and you should be able to resume light work duties after about four weeks. Typically physical therapy is not required after this type of surgery. Often times, foraminotomy will provide partial if not full relief of your symptoms. Please keep in mind that there is always the possibility of future spinal problems following spine surgery, especially if you need additional procedures such as a laminectomy or spinal fusion.

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