What Is Compartment Syndrome Of The Foot?

The foot consists of small compartments filled with muscles, nerves and tendons lined by tight membranes. When there is a crushing injury to the foot from a trucking accident or pedestrian accident, there is often bleeding in the muscle tissue, which causes the foot to swell and expand. If pressure inside the compartment increases too much because of bleeding, then the nerves and muscles will be squeezed and they will stop functioning properly.

What Are My Treatment Options For Compartment Syndrome Of The Foot?

The type of treatment that our clients receive depends on the severity of their injury, and the individual. However, once acute compartment syndrome has occurred, there is no non-surgical alternative.

When our clients have suffered compartment syndrome from an acute trauma they require a surgery known as a fasciotomy. Medicinenet.com defines a fasciotomy as an operation where bands that line the muscles of the foot are filleted open, allowing the muscles to swell and relieve the pressure within the compartment. If there is a massive amount of swelling, a second surgery may need to be performed to close the skin after the swelling has subsided.

The amount of damage to your foot related to compartment syndrome will depend on the ability of the doctor to recognize and treat the swelling. If it goes untreated compartment syndrome can be a potentially devastating condition. Complications from compartment syndrome include:

1. Muscle scarring

2. Infection

3. Permanent nerve damage, or

4. Amputation

However, with prompt diagnosis and surgery there is an excellent chance of recovery, and a return of normal nerve and muscle function.

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