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Clearfield is a borough in Clearfield County, PA, with a population of approximately 6,200, and is also the county seat. In 1966, Clearfield was awarded the “All American City Award,” given annually to the top ten cities in the United States.

Clearfield is home to four of Clearfield County’s list of 20 National Registered Historic Places, Clearfield County Courthouse, the Dimeling Hotel, the Old Town Historic District and the Thomas Murray House. Clearfield is also home to Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub, Home of the World Famous 15lb. Burger.

Despite its relatively small populations, Clearfield and Clearfield County play host to an unusual amount of motor vehicle accidents. This is likely due to several state roads and Interstate 80. Clearfield is also a rural area which makes it necessary to frequently use these roads. Additionally, Clearfield sits at a high elevation, and the weather is often a factor in accidents.

We have also handled dram shop cases in Clearfield County. A dram shop action occurs when a tavern or bar serves somebody who is visibly intoxicated, and that person drives an automobile and causes injury to himself or an innocent party. These cases are difficult to pursue; therefore, you need an attorney with significant claims and trial experience. Attorney Stoehr has more than 20  years’ experience handling all types of motor vehicle claims involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. Attorney Stoehr is very familiar with Clearfield and the various types of accidents that occur between Altoona and Clearfield County. Please give us a call at (814) 946-4100 or see our website, or send us an email.