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Roaring Spring

Roaring Spring, PA, a paper mill town, is located in Blair County and has a population of over 2,500. Roaring Spring was originally named Spang Mills for the Spang family who owned and operated a tract of land around which the town grew. The name was later changed to Roaring Spring in 1887. Roaring Spring was founded as the regions first paper mill town.

The most prominent feature is the “Big Spring” or “Roaring Spring,” a large natural limestone spring, home to Roaring Spring Bottled Water. Some of the historic buildings in Roaring Spring include the Odd Fellows Hall (1882), Hite’s Furniture Store (1888), and the three-story Zook Building (1885). There is also the Bare Memorial Fountain where one can relax and feed the ducks and the fish.

Roaring Spring is located just north of Altoona. Travelers pass through Roaring Spring on their way to historic Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, and Breezewood, Pennsylvania, an important exchange on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Residents of Roaring Spring suffer from the same type of personal injuries that people suffer throughout the state of Pennsylvania. For example, car accidents, truck accidents, ATV accidents, premises liability, dog bites and nursing home neglect and abuse. Attorney Stoehr is very experienced in all these areas. He is a former claims representative handling these types of claims for the other side. In other words, nearly all personal injury claims are presented against the defendant’s insurance company. Attorney Stoehr served as a claims representative before and while attending law school. He obtained great insight into how the insurance company will view your claim.

Attorney Stoehr now has more than 20 additional years as a lawyer representing injured victims in these types of claims. Call Attorney Stoehr at (814) 946-4100 or view his website at Read about some of Attorney Stoehr’s case results and hear from his former clients through their testimonials. You will come to believe that Attorney Stoehr is the right choice to handle your personal injury claim.