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PA Ranks Among Top States For Dog Bite Attacks

A 2011 press release by State Farm Insurance ranks Pennsylvania number 6 in the country for the number of dog attack claims in 2010, with 155 claims. The press released also stated that roughly 60% of the claims were against children under the age of 12; children also accounted for 20 of 33 total fatalities handled by State Farm. In 2009, it was estimated that insurers paid $412 million as a result of dog bite claims, according to the Insurance Journal online.

Dog Bites Could Mean Big Trouble

In recent years, the media coverage of dog attacks, especially against small children, has increased.  A recent news article out of the Chesapeake area in nearby Virginia highlighted a dog bite that cost its pet owners over $150,000.  According to the news report at HamptonRoads.com, a veterinary worker was mauled while performing a routine medical exam on a family's Rottweiler. The news report states that the worker felt like the dog owners did not adequately step in to stop the attack, which resulted in over $25,000 in medical bills and multiple surgeries. The dog in question had also attacked another person both before and after this lawsuit, and was eventually put down in early 2012.  

Forbes Tackles Elder Abuse

How much do you know about recognizing and preventing elder abuse? Forbes.com just addressed this issue, which can be found by clicking this link.  According to their article, there are 5 main ideas to focus on when combating elder abuse--awareness, brain health, caregiving, economics, and resources.  To learn more, please visit their news article!

The High Price of Dog Attacks

An article by Forbes magazine recently broke down the average costs of dog attacks for dog owners. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average dog bite claim was a little over $26,000, with payouts rising and increasing over 35% since 2003. The magazine attributes this rise in payout amounts to the increase in medical costs and larger jury and judge verdicts. If your dog bites another person, you could be tried under both negligence and dog-bite statutes, depending on where you live. If you dog is a previous offender, you may also have trouble getting home insurance. If you rent your house or apartment, also look into renter's insurance, since you will be responsible for the dog attack claim, even if you do not own the property.

Social Media Changing The Way Lawyers Prosecute

According to an article by the Rockland County Times, Facebook and other social media sites are changing the ways that laws are interpreted and executed in terms of evidence and discovery. The article cited a particular example that outlined the following:

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