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Large Award For Family of Tractor-Trailer Accident Victim

Many people who have traveled on Pennsylvania's state highways, especially on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, have most likely noticed the large amount of tractor-trailers.  Although many of these drivers are conscientious and considerate, many others are aggressive, speed, and frequently switch lanes without signaling.  As a result, Pennsylvania has a high number of tractor-trailer accidents, which can lead to serious accidents and fatalities for neighboring cars and trucks.

Truck Drivers Also Engage In Distracted Driving

When you see tractor-trailers moving along our country's highways, you expect their drivers to be safe, alert, and vigilant. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  A local New York City news source just posted an article about the increased occurrence of truck drivers who text and drive.  According to the news report, through local ABC news station 13WHAM,  "A hidden camera investigation has uncovered a dangerous trend on highways. WABC-TV in New York City set up camera on several of highly travel roadways, catching truckers texting and talking on their phones and one driver even talking on two cell phones at once. The New York State Department of Transportation said nearly 16,000 truckers were ticketed for distracted driving in 2013, but only four of them were suspended and taken out of service." 4 out of 16,000 drivers who were caught texting while driving seems like a tiny percentage!   

PA Among Top States For ATV Accidents

As many area residents probably know, Pennsylvania has a large amount of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) users.  Exploring the natural beauty of central Pennsylvania by ATV, motorbike, or snowmobile is a common activity among our area's families.  However, the converse side to this activity is the potential for serious injury or death.  According to a recent report, Pennsylvania ranks among the top five states for the highest numbers of ATV-related deaths.

ATV Accidents: The Numbers Add Up

In an effort to address all-terrain vehicle (ATV) use, injury, and death, our law firm gathered information from a February 2013 report compiled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).  This report provided a picture of the frequency and severity of accidents surrounding American ATV users in the past twenty or so years. 

Multiple Theories? What This Means For Your Dog Bite Claim

According to an article by Pennsylvania's legal journal, the Pennsylvania Record, a Dauphin County man who was suing for punitive damages after a dog attack was allowed to enter multiple legal theories as part of his damages claim. According to the original article (link can be found above), the victim's attorney stated that "the decision to overrule four of five objections will allow him to present seven legal theories to a Dauphin County jury, including one that establishes the dog's vicious propensities even though there were no previous physical attacks".  

Police Officer Sues For Dog Attack Injuries

A McKeesport police officer was recently in the news for a lawsuit against two local dog owners. According to news source Officer.com, the police officer was investigating a domestic disturbance in McKeesport when he was attacked by the owners' 100+ pound pit bull.  The officer was bitten on both hands, which led to scarring and tendon damage. The officer was also accidentally shot in the heel by his partner, as the partner tried to prevent the dog from doing further damage.  Due to Pennsylvania's lack of the "firefighter's rule", a law which prohibits public safety officers from filing similar claims, the officer was able to successfully file a lawsuit.  According to the original article, the officer was able to sue because he "can sue for damages as long as the injury was caused by negligent or intentional conduct that was separate from the conduct tghat contributed to the emergency".  The dog owners had been cited six times in the prior few weeks for failing to keep their dog confined, as well as not having a dog license. 

Greenwood Man In Critical Condition After Dog Attack

An article by the Washington Times recently covered a story originally posted in our hometown newspaper, the Altoona Mirror.  According to the news story, which can be found here and on the Altoona Mirror online, an Altoona man was recently mauled by his own pit bull/bulldog mix.  Police were called to the scene and the dog was eventually shot.  The man was flown to UPMC Pittsburgh, where he was reported to be in critical condition. 

Area Dog Attack Leaves Toddler Injured

An area toddler recently suffered a dog attack in Everett, PA.  According to local news source WeAreCentralPA.com, a toddler and her family had stopped to look for a deer on the side of a road.  A strange dog came out of the woods and attacked the girl, which resulted in over 300 stitches and plastic surgery.  The article did not say whether the dog belonged to anyone in the area.  Please read the rest of the story on the news source's website by clicking here. 

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