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Be Careful When Buying Toys This Holiday Season

| Dec 3, 2014 | Uncategorized

According to a slew of media sources, a recent national study published research by the Clinical Pediatrics medical journal that suggests that children are treated for toy-related injuries about every three minutes in the United States.  Those statistics account for over 3 million children within the past 13+ years.  The vast majority of these cases were the result of foot-powered toy scooters and other self-propelled toys. 


Alarmingly, most of these injuries occurred in children five years old and younger. Another large chunk of injuries was accounted for by children under three who have choked on small toys or parts of toys.  During the study, about 14 cases of children swallowing/inhaling foreign objects occurred per day over a period of about 11 years.  However, between the ages of 5 and 17, riding toys accounted for over 40% of the injuries.   These injuries were three times more likely to result in broken bones or dislocated joints.  Additionally, foot-powered scooters alone resulted in over 580,000 injuries in a period of 11 years.  Overall, falls and collision were the most common injury types across all toy accidents. 


Parents and caregivers can follow several common and practical tips to help prevent injuries for their children this holiday season.  Of course, all children should be wearing proper protective gear when using self-motored toys, including a helmet and elbow/knee pads.  They should also avoid riding these toys on uneven and/or icy grounds.  Young children should also be supervised at all times.   It is also important for parents and caregivers to frequently check online with various safety commissions to see if commonly used toys have been recalled due to safety hazards.



For more information on the Clinical Pediatric study, please click this link through MyFoxNY.



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