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PA Has Difficulty Funding Necessary Highway and Bridge Repairs

Apparently, Pennsylvania is having some issues on how to fund road repairs to many of the state’s aging and increasingly unsafe highways and bridges.  As stated in an article by the, Pennsylvania congressmen are in agreement that repairing our area’s roads and bridges are at the top of their to-do list, but they cannot agree on how the project should be funded.  Some officials believe that there should be a user fee to increase the highway trust fund, which is nearly unable to be used at this point due to low funds.  One way to replenish the fund would be to raise the federal gasoline tax, or toll other interstates, such as I-80.  Other officials, including our own area representatives, feel that this is not the right route at all.  Alternate options to repairing the roads could include a long-term highway bill, which would be funded through reallocating offshore corporate taxes, or through offshore oil drilling.  At this point, most of the funding has been passed through short-term solutions.   The two sides of this debate are currently going on with our state and country’s officials, and we hope a reasonable solution can be found quickly and at minimum expense to our citizens.

            However our congress chooses to proceed, it goes without saying that Pennsylvania’s roads and bridges need to be maintained in proper and safe conditions.  There have been many instances in our area where motor vehicle accidents have occurred as a result of poorly maintained or unsafe highway and bridge conditions.  If you or a loved one have been injured or killed as a result of unsafe highway conditions, you might want to consider consulting with an attorney.  Altoona, PA area lawyer Doug Stoehr takes cases for people who have been seriously injured a result of motor vehicle and tractor-trailer accidents on Pennsylvania’s highways, roads, and bridges.  For more information on Attorney Stoehr’s firm, please continue browsing his website or call his office for more details at 814-515-9074.