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Winter tourism is hitting Pennsylvania! Reports show that the Allegheny National Forest Visitors Bureau is receiving a great deal of interest from visitors who are hoping to explore our state's natural beauty through skiing and snowmobiling.  A representative from the bureau notes that many of the people who have been calling in are not from the area, which is great for our state's tourism trade.  The agency is also urging visitors to the state to try to hike the North Country National Scenic Trail, or take an ATV-guided ride at Majestic Kamp.  Our Allegheny National Forest has over 300 miles of snowmobile trails that are regularly groomed and are designed in intersected loops, along with another 50+ miles that are ungroomed, but can be used by snowmobile and ATV riders.   

Although ATV and snowmobile riding can be a fun and exciting way to enjoy our state's great outdoors, the activity can also be potentially hazardous.  Snowmobile accidents can have serious and lasting consequences.  Most fatal snowmobile accidents occur when excessive speed and/or alcohol consumption are involved, so please be a safe, cautious, and considerate operator. Night driving is also a particular hazard, so be careful during times of decreased visibility! Improper ATV use is leading cause of serious injury among Pennsylvanians.   Attorney Doug Stoehr of Altoona, PA handles cases involving injury as a result of accidents involving off-road vehicles.  For more information about Attorney Doug Stoehr and his central Pennsylvania practice, please call his law firm at 814-946-4100. 

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