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Motorcyclists and Drivers: Share The Road This Spring!

Drivers and motorcyclists, share the road when you are out driving! An article by Lancaster Online made a few very good points about the increasing number of motorcyclists on the road as the spring weather emerges.  The author of the article stated that there are many potential road hazards that increase as the streets expose their winter wear and tear, which can affect both motorcycle and car drivers.  Drivers should be aware of the following concerns while out on Pennsylvania’s roads and highways this spring:
  • Look out for potholes, loose gravel, and leftover salt and black ice as we transition into spring! If the weather is hovering around freezing, the roads may be especially dangerous.
  • When driving a car, be extra vigilant and look twice to avoid hitting motorcyclists who are out sharing the road.  Remember, most motorcyclists have not ridden all winter and may still be acclimating to riding their bikes again. 
  • Be especially careful when switching lanes around a motorcyclist, as it can be easy to misjudge speed and distance. 
  • Motorcyclists: wear helmets, even if it is not required by Pennsylvania state law!
  • Motorcycle riders should also stagger bikes instead of riding side-by-side to avoid accidents and/or injury. 
Motor vehicle accidents, such as car, truck, or motorcycle accidents, increase during the warmer months as more people begin to travel to spend time with family and friends. For motorcyclists, wearing a helmet is a common safety procedure that this law office feels should be followed at all times to protect yourself. However, we recognize that, at this time, mandatory helmet laws for those over 21 are not yet in effect. We also strongly feel that motorcyclists, cars, and bicyclists should share the road in a responsible and respectful manner. If you are a motorcyclist who has been wrongfully injured in a motor vehicle accident and may suffer from a spinal cord, brain, or other serious injury, please contact our law office, located in Altoona, PA, for a consultation at no cost to you.