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New App Can Monitor Gait of Spinal Stenosis Patients

We here at Stoehr Law take spinal stenosis pain very seriously.  As such, we try our best to keep our knowledge of spinal stenosis research and treatment as current as possible.  Recently, we discovered that there is a new medical app available for smart phones that can track the gait of spinal stenosis sufferers.  Gait, the way in which an individual walks, can sometimes be a sign of a serious medical condition.  In spinal stenosis patients, your gait can change due to pain in your legs and back and weakness in certain muscle groups. Most often, this compensatory walk is due to pain in the back due to arthritis or injury from something such as a car or motorcycle accident.  This gait is often maladaptive and can cause additional medical problems down the road.  
To read more about the new app and its corresponding scientific study, you are welcome to view an article from a Biotech website in Asia, where the research originated.  Overall, the study determined that this new app is a “more convenient and affordable method for long-term monitoring in an outpatient setting”, meaning fewer medical visits and (hopefully) lower bills for many chronic patients.  
If you suspect that you have spinal stenosis and were recently injured, like in a car accident or something like a slip-and-fall, you should consider consulting with an attorney.  Not only may your injury worsen over time, you may also be facing situations like time off of work, limited mobility, and potentially permanent pain.  If you don’t consult with an attorney and see what your options are, you may be missing out on some choices that may considerably help you and your family in the future.  If you’re located in the central PA area, such as Altoona, Tyrone, Martinsburg, Bedford, and other surrounding areas, Attorney Stoehr is an expert attorney who is skilled in handling these types of cases.  Give him a call at 814-515-9074 to schedule a meeting and discuss your potential legal claim!