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Strange, But True! Surgical Instruments Often Found Where?

Scary, but true! Did you know that, once in a while, surgical tools can get left inside of people?  A few years ago, Attorney Stoehr settled a case where a surgical sponge was left inside a woman’s body. After a long period of unexplained pain, the woman discovered that a sponge was left inside her head and had become infected! Another doctor found it during an exploratory surgery, hoping to find a way to relieve her pain, and immediately removed it.  She missed a great deal of work and was very sick. 

The same topic was posted on a legal website that deals with cases within the personal injury world.  According to the article, sponges, forceps, scissors, and other surgical instruments are among the things that have been found left inside patients’ bodies post-surgery.  The post even included an alarming x-ray of a surgical instrument near a patient’s hip.  For more information and to see the article and video in its entirety, please click here.
Surgery can be anxiety-provoking, even when it is a seemingly minor procedure.  When surgery is serious, the risks increase as well.  You do not want to have to worry on top of that about the possibility of sponges, instruments, and other surgical materials staying in your body when they should not be left behind.  If this has happened to you or a loved one, and you have since become infected or have had other serious side effects, it may be time to consult with an attorney.  Attorney Doug Stoehr is a personal injury lawyer who takes cases for clients in the central and western Pennsylvania area.  For more information on his firm or to schedule a consultation, please call his office at 814-515-9074.