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The Most Dangerous Time Of Year To Drive May Surprise You!

If you had to guess, when do you think is the most dangerous time of the year to drive? Most people would probably guess the winter season in general or the Thanksgiving weekend. However, the statistically most dangerous time of the year to drive is the month of August, especially on Saturdays.  We are not that far out of August, which means that we are still potentially in peak time to be vulnerable to a serious accident!  Tuesdays and Wednesdays are statistically the safest times to drive, especially during the day.   Does that make sense with your own experiences? 
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, time of day is also a critical factor for accidents.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, about half of fatal accidents occur at night, and have a 2-3 times higher fatality rate per mile traveled than during the daytime. There is also a much higher rate of both alcohol-related crashes and people not wearing their seatbelts at night.  Interestingly enough, surveys show that 75% of drivers think that they are safer than other drivers on the road.  That is obviously not the case!
Have you or someone you know recently been involved in a car accident?  Did they feel that it wasn’t their fault, but are still battling some significant pain or injury? For those who have recently been in a car crash, it is important to closely monitor the body’s response to injury.  This is especially true if you suspect that you have sustained a significant head injury.  If your car accident was not your fault, it may also be time to seek legal action.   If you or a loved one has recently been in a car accident due to the fault of another, please contact Altoona, PA area personal injury attorney Doug Stoehr to set up an initial, free consultation.  His law office can be reached by calling his firm at 814-515-9074.
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