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Water Temps May Be Dangerously Cold For Boating, Even In Summer

Are you aware of the boating/water dangers during this time of the year?  Once such article through the Standard Examiner took a close look at this issue.

During the transitional times of the year, especially from winter to spring, it is easy to get fooled by the warm, comfortable air temperatures.  However, this does not mean that local water temperatures  are also just as warm.   According to the article mentioned above, many large bodies of water in the country have temperatures of 50 degrees or lower. Sometimes, these low temperatures can exist well into summer.

Additionally, about half of boating accidents that result in water exposure at those low temperatures are fatal.  This is partially due to the fact that most adult boaters don’t wear life jackets, and hypothermia is a real concern.  The article states that “Emergency exposure to cold water can incapacitate an individual in just 5 to 15 minutes; hypothermia can start in 30 minutes.”  This prolonged exposure can lead to a decrease in physical ability to move, as well as confusion and drowsiness.  

Boating accidents see an expected and marked increase in the spring and summer, including incidences involving intoxication while driving a boat.  In this area, Glendale and Raystown lakes are arguably the most susceptible places in our local area for such occurrences.  Victims of boating accidents injured due to the fault of another may have lasting and extensive injuries that result in compounded medical bills and significant changes in mobility and ability.  Attorney Doug Stoehr is an attorney serving western and central Pennsylvania that handles cases involving personal injury. If you would like to consult with him about your case, please contact our law office.

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