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PA Carseat Laws Are Changing!

Attention to Pennsylvanians with young children! According to various news reports, children under the age of two who have not yet grown out of manufacturer’s weight limits will have to be buckled into the backseat of the car in a rear-facing child car seat.  These regulations are common sense to many parents, but now have officially been signed into law that will take effect THIS WEEK!  According to news sources, for the first year, officers enforcing it will hand out verbal warnings. After the first year, car seat violations will face a $75 fine plus other costs and fees to the total of $125.  

Children are a precious part of our family and community and it is our responsibility to keep them safe and healthy.  However, accidents do happen and can have lasting consequences.  If a child in your family has been injured due to accident caused by another, it may be time to seek legal action.  Attorney Stoehr is your local, central Pennsylvania lawyer who will fight hard for your family.  For more information his Altoona area practice, please call his law office at 814-515-9074