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Pedestrian Accidents Can Happen When You Least Expect Them

Unfortunately, The Post-Gazette recently ran a story about an area teen who was killed while he was walking home from his prom afterparty when he was killed by a driver. According to reports, the driver did not negotiate a curve properly and drove off the road, hitting and killing the young man who was walking home.  Alcohol may have played a factor in this accident.   The driver fled the scene and was later taken into custody.  

It is unbelievable that things like this continue to happen in our community.  It is your responsibility as a licensed driver in the state of Pennsylvania to not only drive your care with care and caution, but also be aware of other hazards on the road.  Drivers frequently share the road with bicyclists, motorcycle drivers, and pedestrians, especially in more residential areas.  

It is your duty as a member of your community to drive your car safely, responsibly, and with regard for the well-being and safety of others.  This is especially true to remember in cases where you’ve been drinking! Call a designated driver and save the life of not only yourself, but other innocent bystanders.  Also play it safe and do not engage in distracted driving, such as talking on your cell phone or texting.

Attorney Doug Stoehr is a central PA area attorney who takes cases where people have been injured or passed away due to the fault of another person, such as through ca, /pedestrian, bike, motorcycle, and truck accidents. For more information regarding his practice or to set up an initial consultation, please call his office at 814-515-9074.

To read the original Post-Gazette article, please click here: