Bicyclist Safety Questionable in PA

Recently, PennLive.com posted a very relevant and interesting article about the state of bicycle safety in Pennsylvania. Recently, a man in Pittsburgh was killed while biking home from the South Side docks.  In the aftermath of his death, public commentary has begun about the state of bicyclist safety in our area and state.  Pennsylvania has seen some of the largest growth in bicycle traffic in the nation.  However, many of our bicycle rules and policies are arguably outdated and dangerous, according to some people.  

Many bicyclist advocates argue that Pennsylvania, especially in the cities, does not have enough bike lanes and/or doesn't provide enough room for biking traffic. This leads to dangers for bicyclists and everyone else who shares the road with them.   

According to the PennLive article, "the number of commuters using bicycles to get to work jumped by as much as 60 percent nationwide between 2004 and 2014. Pennsylvania's share of that increase was also among the highest of any state."   Additionally, a research study highlighted that "while 34 percent of Americans age three or older rode a bike at least once in 2014, 52 percent of U.S. adults worry about being hit by a car while riding." It should be noted that a  "safe passing" law was put into effect in 2012 that requires drivers to allow cyclists a four feet barrier while passing them. 

During the warmer months and into fall, many people gravitate outside to run, bike, walk, and spend time with their families. Although this can provide an excellent outlet for fun and recreation, it can also lead to potential bicycle and pedestrian accidents. When driving around, be alert for pedestrians and bicyclists on the road, especially small children that may not be easily seen. By being alert and considerate and sharing the road, you will avoid serious injuries and complications to those around you. If you plan to bike or run outside, wear bright colors and make sure that you give appropriate and clear turning signals with your arms so that drivers know when and where you intend to turn.

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