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Autumn is fast approaching, which means cooler weather, changing leaves, and football. Unfortunately, it also means that certain kinds of accidents are also on the rise.  One of these potentially deadly types of accidents is pedestrian accidents.  According to data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, pedestrian accidents are the most likely to happen during the fall months.  Take a look at some of these statistics highlighted in one of their reports from a few years ago:

  • Friday and Saturday have higher fatality rates than any other day of the week. 
  • October, November, and December have higher fatality rates than any other month. 
  • On average, 13 pedestrians die in vehicle crashes each day, or one pedestrian every 107 minutes. 
  • Bad weather does not necessarily contribute to a pedestrian death, but a bad light condition does. 
  • Nearly 46 percent of pedestrian fatalities are alcohol-involved. 
  • One in five pedestrians killed were killed in hit-and-run motor vehicle crashes. 
  • Autumn is the deadliest season for pedestrians, with two of the highest fatality months being October and November. 
  • The number of pedestrians killed between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. is greater than during any other 3-hour time frame. 

Pedestrian accidents are frightening and occur without warning.  Additionally, the consequences of pedestrian accidents can also be emotionally and physically damaging. Attorney Doug Stoehr is a lawyer specializing in personal injury and services the western and central Pennsylvania area.  If you feel that you have been wrongfully hurt in a pedestrian accident and would like to consult with him about a possible personal injury claim, please contact our law office at 814-946-4100.

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