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Pain After Your Car Accident

Car crashes and chronic pain sometimes go together more commonly than you might think.  In some studies, car crash victims have an over 80% increased risk of chronic pain in the future.  As a result, although some people may like to “tough it out” after their car crash and minimize any post-accident pain, it is not helpful and may lead to increased medical and emotional difficulties in the future. 

By tuning into, and monitoring, your post-accident pain over the days and weeks following an accident, it may become apparent whether any pain is acute, or whether it’s going to result in a long-term issue.  Of course, consulting with your doctor is an excellent step to take after being involved in any kind of accident.  Additionally, pain is also a significant factor in legal practice and is often taken into consideration when filing a claim surrounding the traumatic event. Attorney Doug Stoehr is a personal injury lawyer serving western and central Pennsylvania, including Blair, Somerset, Huntingdon, and the surrounding counties.  For more information or to schedule your free car accident consultation, please contact his firm at 814-515-9074