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Pharmacy Errors and You

Pharmacists are likely your first line of communication in the medical community.  They fill your prescriptions, answer your questions, and are the cornerstone of drug stores across the country.  However, filling all of those prescriptions sometimes leads error.  Some studies state that pharmacy dispensing errors account for about 20% of the medication errors that impact patients overall.  Although pharmacists work very hard to minimize these mistakes, sometimes they do happen.  When they do, the consequences can be harmful and even life-threatening. Here are some times to avoid medication errors:


  • Have your own copy of your prescription and cross-reference it with what is given to you at the pharmacy. Check your bag of medication BEFORE you leave the area.
  • Ask questions! Your pharmacist should be skilled in answering your medication questions, including dose and side effects.
  • Tell your pharmacist about any allergies and/or other medication you’re taking.  Sometimes, these drugs interact and could be harmful if taken together.

Prescription error, either at the hospital or the pharmacy, is a serious medical issue. In addition to being time-consuming and sometimes complicated to correct, taking the wrong medication or dose can be seriously harmful and potentially deadly.  In situations where prescription errors have led to adverse medical outcomes in you or someone you love, it may be time to take legal action.  Attorney Doug Stoehr is an Altoona, PA area lawyer that is skilled in handling prescription error cases. Call his Altoona, PA office for more information at 814-515-9074