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What Is A Bad Faith Claim?

Have you ever heard the term “bad faith claim” and weren’t quite sure what it meant?  In short, this concept describes situations where insurance companies don’t fulfill their policy obligation to you to its full ability.  This can mean that they aren’t timely in processing your claim, aren’t fully investigating the claim, or aren’t paying you properly for your claim.  Each state is slightly different in how it identifies, processes, and frames bad faith claims.  

Luckily, Attorney Doug Stoehr is an experienced bad faith claim lawyer here in Pennsylvania.  Not only has he successfully handled many bad faith claims, he also used to work for an insurance company. Having knowledge from multiple sources allows him to understand, work with, and process your bad faith claim with a high degree of knowledge and expertise.  Do you think that your insurance company did not fully uphold their end of the bargain when you recently made a claim? If so, it may be time to consult with Attorney Stoehr about your Pennsylvania bad faith claim.  Call his Altoona, PA area office for more information at 814-515-9074