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PA Tractor-Trailer Crash Results in Several Deaths

We hope cases like these never occur, but unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world.  Just this week, a tractor-trailer driver is under fire for being involved in an accident that resulted in the deaths of several people, including a toddler, in Pennsylvania.  

According to news reports, the truck driver had consumed several margaritas and 2-3 beers before getting behind the wheel of his tractor-trailer and driving on one of our state’s highways.  While driving, cars had slowed down on the upcoming highway; however, the truck driver did not stop like other drivers on the road. Presumably as a result of not stopping his truck in time, the truck hit other cars on the highway, causing an eleven car crash that killed three people.  After the crash, the truck driver exited the vehicle and fled from the scene. 

Commercial truck drivers are a significant cause of motor vehicle accidents . Often, these commercial drivers are fatigued and are driving above the mandated allotment of hours. Additionally, many of them are driving large vehicles that are not up to federal and state safety standards. As a result, passengers and other vehicles often bear the brunt of their illegal activity and are often seriously injured or die from a resulting collision. If you have been injured or a loved one has died as a result of a commercial vehicle accident, please contact our law office for a consultation at no cost to you at the Law Offices of Attorney Doug Stoehr at 814-515-9074.

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