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Retail Stores and Slipping on Floors

Do you sometimes enter a retail store or other public establishment and think “Huh, well THAT sidewalk/ramp/curb/entrance/puddle doesn’t look safe”. Chances are, you are probably right.  Sometimes, these unsafe walking conditions lead to accidents, which then makes those businesses potentially liable for slip-and-fall lawsuits.  One such accident occurred recently at a Big Lots in San Diego, CA.  A woman fell in a Big Lots after she slipped and fell on a patch of dirt of the floor, which caused her to fall into a soda display shelf.  As a result, she developed shoulder and neck injuries, had multiple surgeries, and required physical therapy afterwards.  The injured party’s attorney reported that Big Lots doesn’t have a set sweeping schedule, and instructs employees to sweep “as needed”. They implied that this lack of cleaning schedule may have, in part, contributed to the conditions responsible for this accident.  The results of this trial have not been released yet, but it will be interesting to see what happens. 

Slip-and-fall lawsuits are a type of personal injury law that many people may not know about.  These lawsuits involve injuries that occur as a result of unsafe conditions, such as icy sidewalks roads, puddles of debris, water, or other liquids, and uneven walking spaces such as cracked curbs or sidewalks.  These lawsuits can result in serious and long-lasting injuries.  In the Altoona area, our law firm is skilled in handling these cases for people just like you.  For more information, please call our office at 814-515-9074

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