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Month: January 2019

Client testimonials

We are so proud of the work we do for our clients. When asked about their satisfaction with our law firm, here are some of the most common words and phrases that our clients use to describe their experience:

Project PennTIME

This is good news! Five PA agencies are working together to make conditions safer for emergency responders and clear accident scenes faster on our state's highways.  As a result of efforts spearheaded by the PA Turnpike Commission, many of the state's emergency...

Traffic Cameras and Construction Zones

In Pennsylvania, we all know that "construction season" is inevitably on the horizon. What you might not know is that PA lawmakers are considering putting cameras into highway work areas to capture those people who speed through work zones.  These cameras may...

Refresher: Winter Driving Quizzes

The following is an article our firm published about four years ago in the winter. These quizzes proved helpful to many we knew then, and we hope they'll help you now!Do you think that you have what it takes to pass these two winter driving quizzes?  These tests,...