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Safety And Walking Outside This Winter

Winter is in full swing, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay inside.  However, walking safely in wintry conditions may be a hazard if you’re not careful.  According to a local news source, one way to stay safe this winter is to actually “walk like a penguin”! As funny as it sounds, taking these shorter, waddling steps may keep you more stable on the ice and help you avoid a slip and fall injury.  

When you’re out around town, it is important to note that business owners have an obligation to keep their sidewalks and parking lots safe and reasonably clear during the winter conditions.  If you happen to slip, fall, and injure yourself due to improper exterior conditions, you may be able to pursue a legal claim.  In this situation, it’s beneficial to have someone who is experienced in this type of law and can work hard for you.  Attorney Doug Stoehr is an experienced personal injury lawyer who takes cases in the Altoona, PA area. To learn more about his firm and/or discuss your potential claim, give his office a call at 814-515-9074.

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