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Summer Driving Hazards

Summer driving is just around the corner! As you drive to go on vacation, visit family and friends, and enjoy outdoor gatherings, are you being safe while driving, too? According to national statistics, the months of July and August are two of the months that are most highly correlated with car accidents and car-related deaths.  Additionally, teenage drivers are especially at risk for accidents during these months, too.

No matter what the cause of the accidents may be, it is important to find ways to keep yourself safe while driving:


  • Make sure you are checking your surroundings for pedestrians and bicyclists that may be sharing the road with you.
  • Refrain from texting or checking your phone while driving. Not only is it illegal, it is very dangerous. 
  • Be patient and prepare for increased traffic flow and areas of congestion, as more cars tend to be on the road in the summer. 
  • Make sure your car is in good working order, including checking your coolant, tire pressure, and indicator lights.
  • Wear your seatbelt, and make sure your children are properly restrained, too. 

Throughout the summer, it is very important that you are a safe and alert driver while on the roads.  Be prepared for other drivers who are not doing the right thing, and may be driving recklessly or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  However, if you’re injured in an accident while driving due to the fault of another, you may be able to seek legal compensation.  For more information, call our personal injury firm in Altoona, PA at 814-515-9074.