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Brain Injuries Following A Collision

Do you know about how traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) occur?  How common are they in car accident victims? Today we will be covering how TBI’s occur and debunk some myths about TBIs.  

First and foremost when it comes to car accidents and TBIs, there are some common misconceptions.  In order to get a TBI, you do not have to be traveling fast, nor do you have to hit your head on something in the car.  You can be traveling at a relatively low rate of speed and still significantly damage your brain if you are hit by another car.  For example, take a situation in which you are the  passenger or driver in a car and are going 25 miles an hour, and are hit from behind by another car.  Your body will propel forward, and so will your brain inside your skull.  Your brain would propel forward into your skull, going from your previous rate of speed of  25mph to 0mph in a matter of seconds.  That impact may significantly damage some of the soft tissue of your brain, which can lead to lasting problems.  In this situation, your head did not hit any other part of the car, such as a window or dashboard, yet still caused damage to your brain. 

 Keeping these things in mind, it is important to monitor your cognitive abilities after being in a car crash.  Look for your ability to remember events, procedures and people, as well as pain and stiffness of the neck and back.  Additionally, monitor frequency and intensity of any headaches, as well as problems with your 5 senses (hearing, touch, taste, smell, and sight).  A persistent or worsening problem in any of these areas may indicate the presence of possible brain trauma and should be look at by a physician.

 Attorney Doug Stoehr is a personal injury lawyer practicing in western and central Pennsylvania.  He has successfully litigated cases involving motor vehicle accidents as well as cases involving serious brain injuries. For more information on his practice or to schedule your free initial consultation, please call his firm at 814-515-9074.