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Disney Worker Receives Large Settlement

Personal injury can happen at any time and in any situation.  This statement is especially true in the experience of one injured worker, who was hit by a car while working for Disney Cruise Line.  The injured person, who was hit while in a port of call, was treated by the ship’s medical care team.  They did not correctly diagnose her injuries, which included multiple broken ribs, and told her that she was able to work for her shift as a dining room waiter. Although she eventually received care from another doctor at a later date, when she returned to work she soon had to stop again due to significant nerve damage. The worker sought legal action against Disney Cruise Line and was awarded $4M as a result in a combination of lost wages, pain and suffering, and punishment.  

When seeking legal action for a personal injury claim, it is important to have an experienced lawyer on your side. Attorney Doug Stoehr is an Altoona area lawyer who worked for an insurance company before practicing law.  As a result, he is knowledgeable about insurance claims and the often complicated process of pursuing a personal injury claim.  If you’re considering legal action for a personal injury that you’ve sustained, call his Altoona, PA area office at 814-515-9074 for more information. 

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