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The coronavirus pandemic has certainly put a halt on our typical spring activities.  However, life will return to normal!  In preparation for better days ahead, now is a great time to look around your house and examine any potential hazards for premises liability. When we start having friends and family over to visit again, we will have to make sure that our property is safe and free of hazards. Look for items in and outside of your house that could potentially pose harm to visitors, such as uneven steps or sidewalks, dead hanging tree limbs, and improperly fenced off pools.  

As a homeowner, you have a responsibility to keep your property safe for anyone entering your property.  These people are owed a duty to be protected from certain dangerous conditions that you either caused or created, know about, or should have known about.  At the law firm of Douglas V. Stoehr, we have experience in handling premises liability or “slip and fall” cases.  If you or a family member is a victim of a premises liability or “slip and fall” case, please call Attorney Doug Stoehr‘s Altoona, PA area firm at 814-515-9074 to discuss your potential claim.