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Keeping Kids Safe In The Car

Are you safe when you are traveling with your kids in the car? Recent data suggests that hundreds of children die in car accidents every year, and hundreds of thousands more are injured. With these statistics, it’s no wonder that parents are asking how to keep their children safe as they travel. The good news is there are several things you can do to keep your littlest passengers safe on our state’s roads.

First of all, it’s really important that all babies and toddlers are riding in appropriate and properly installed car seats. Older children should also use a booster seat. Obviously, make sure that all children (and all passengers in general) are wearing their seat belts. It’s also important to keep younger children away from airbags, which could do more harm than good in a crash. You as a driver also need to do your part to drive safely and defensively. Children should know that when you’re driving, you will not be able to turn around to help them, check on them, give them food, etc. Your focus needs to beon the road to keep your car, and other vehicles, on the road safe!

However, despite our best efforts, sometimes an accident is unavoidable. If an accident does occur, it’s important to know that Pennsylvania is a comparative negligence state. Comparative negligence simply means that if your negligence contributed to the accident, your damages will then be reduced by the amount of your negligence. So please take every precaution to decrease the chances of contributing to an accident, and properly prepare your vehicle, your family, and yourself for the conditions ahead. If you are injured in a vehicle accident, please allow Attorney Douglas V. Stoehr to review your claim by calling our Altoona, PA law firm at 814-515-9074.