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Dog Bites And Your Children

| Jan 11, 2021 | Dog Bites

Many dogs are good, family-friend pets.  However, some are dangerous and can be prone to potentially deadly attacks.  Unfortunately, a young boy’s horrific dog bite attack recently made national news.  According to the news report, the attack took place in Boston.  The boy was playing in his backyard when two loose dogs got into his yard.  They both attacked the boy, and he was ultimately saved by an off-duty police officer. He nearly lost consciousness and was very lucky that the officer was nearby!  The boy was bitten on his extremities and his neck, and his injuries required several extensive surgeries.
Sadly, dog attacks tend to be more common than most people think.  Even more horrifying, these dog attacks tend to happen frequently to young children. These attacks can lead to both extensive physical and psychological damage.   In our area, Attorney Stoehr has taken dog bite cases for clients whose young children have been significantly injured by vicious dogs.  For more information or to talk further about your dog bite claim, please call our firm at 814-946-4100.



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