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Test Your Winter Safety Skills!

The following is an article our firm publishes every few years. These quizzes proved helpful to many people, and we hope they’ll help you now!

Do you think that you have what it takes to pass these two winter driving quizzes?  These tests, provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Allegheny College, will test your knowledge about safe driving habits and winter guidelines in Pennsylvania.

Try the quiz from PennDOT here:

Or the one from Allegheny College here:

The PennDOT website also has a wealth of useful information relating to getting your car, home, and even mailbox ready for winter.  You can also watch a winter video and access a printable winter services guide by going to this link (    Some general helpful tips that the department offers in order to get ready for winter include the following travel tips:

  • Follow the law and turn on your headlights when your wipers are on.
  • Watch for wet-looking roads, they may indicate black ice.
  • Don’t use your high beams in periods of heavy or blowing snow.
  • Don’t use cruise control when traveling on icy or snowy roads.
  • Don’t stop and start suddenly, and leave more room than normal between cars.
  • Be careful on the especially dangerous road areas, such as ramps or bridges.
  • Do not pass or get between trucks plowing in a plow line.
  • If you do become stranded, don’t leave your vehicle. Also, turn on the engine every hour or so, and make sure the tailpipe is clear.

If you have been the victim of a winter driving accident, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and potential pain and suffering.  This may include cases where other drivers failed to follow common winter driving safety procedures, such as leaving enough room between cars or failing to remove the ice and snow from their vehicles, which caused an accident.   Attorney Doug Stoehr takes cases for clients who have sustained injuries due to the fault or negligence of another. For more information on his Altoona, PA area practice, please visit his website at or call his firm at 814-946-4100.