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Attorney Douglas V. Stoehr works to protect the rights of his clients and their families throughout the claims process. The growing age of social media and online interaction is changing the ways that lawsuits are compiled and litigated. Read on to realize what you need to know about Facebook and your legal claim.

What Should I Do About My Facebook Page?

Attorney Doug Stoehr recognizes that many people use Facebook frequently as a way to communicate with friends and family. However, you may be giving out too much information on your Facebook that could be potentially dangerous for you in the future.

There have been many instances in which information published on Facebook has harmed people unintentionally. Status updates of families being out of town has lead to burglaries. Questionable photographs and comments have lead to job loss, and it has also harmed the validity of some people’s legal claims.

In some instances, Facebook can now be used as a tool during the claims process. If given permission by a judge, legal teams can access your Facebook page to gain personal information that may be used against you in the claims process. This can range from harming your credibility or reputation in court to undervaluing the severity of your injury based on pictures or comments.

Think about it: the rare instance that you may engage in an activity that is challenging for your injury may be photographed and put on Facebook (such as someone taking a walk around the neighborhood, even if they have trouble with mobility). Taken out of context, people may think that you often engage in these activities, and therefore, are not as badly injured as you seem. You must take care of the image you are projecting of yourself for the world to see.

Steps to Take When Reviewing Your Facebook Profile

If you are considering pursuing a legal claim, are in the process of a legal claim, or are just a frequent user of Facebook, there are several things you can do to protect yourself online.

  • Put your profile settings to “private” and, if you want to, make yourself unsearchable on Facebook. This will make it more difficult for strangers to view your profile and access your personal information.
  • Be careful of what you post and which pictures you put online. It is being common practice for employers to view your Facebook profile before they hire you for a job. Do not post anything that you would be embarrassed if certain people knew about or may project an inaccurate representation of yourself.
  • When leaving on vacation or buying a large-ticket item, do not post pictures or comments of that event or item on Facebook. If people know you are out of town or have just purchased a large item, it may increase your chance of your house being robbed.
  • Be mindful that what you say on Facebook is not as private as you think. Even if you are posting something on someone else’s wall, anyone can see that you posted it and start to look at your profile as well. It is not the same as a private conversation on the phone or in person between friends.

While you are free to post what you want on social media and Facebook, you should be aware of the potential consequences.

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