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How Much Does This Cost?

Personal injury claims are universally handled by attorneys on a contingent fee basis. This means that you do not have to pay a retainer to us to get started on your case. You also will not receive any monthly billing statements for our services. Instead, our attorney fee will be based upon a percentage of the settlement amount of your case.

Contingent Fees

We are paid a percentage of your overall settlement which is contingent upon a successful result. In other words, there is no legal fee unless we are successful with your case. This means that Attorney Stoehr may work for months or even years on your claim without getting paid. Therefore, the attorney assumes the risk of not getting paid unless the case is successful. This gives the attorney the incentive to work as efficiently as possible and to obtain the highest settlement amount possible under the circumstances of your case.

Contingent Fee Agreement

You will enter into a Contingent Fee Agreement (contract) with Attorney Stoehr which will spell out the terms of your agreement. The Contingent Fee Agreement is clearly written and Attorney Stoehr does not want you to sign it until all questions have been answered. We have found that many law firms across the state have been charging fees of 40%, at times 45%. Some cases are particularly complex and time-consuming, thus, a 40% fee may be appropriate. However, the overwhelming majority of our cases are handled for a contingent fee of 33.33%. (Do not confuse personal injury claims with disability or workers’ compensation. These cases have fees set by law.)

Other Costs

Unfortunately, many personal injury attorneys make the claims process sound too simple: They simply tell you that there is no fee unless a recovery is made for you. While this is technically true, it implies that there are no other costs or reimbursements by you. This is simply not the case. For example, you may have legal costs such as court fees and charges by your doctors for medical records. We will pay these for you, when they are due. However, you will reimburse us at the time that your case settles. Of course, if there is no settlement, you do not need to pay these costs. Additionally, the entity that pays your medical bills (health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, workers’ compensation, Veterans Administration, etc.) by law they can claim reimbursement. He is usually successful in negotiating a lesser amount for you. Attorney Stoehr will answer all of your questions when you come to the office.

 Good News!

At our law firm, we work very hard to get the best recovery for you. After legal fees and costs are deducted from your settlement, and medical bills reimbursed, the net amount is all yours, and free of federal income taxes! Furthermore, we do not charge any additional fees for other work we do for you. For example, if you do not have personal health insurance, we will investigate other sources of payment for you, at no fees or costs to you. Sometimes we can convince your doctor to provide medical services for you at no cost until your case settles. This is commonly done through a letter of protection. Again, there is no fee for doing this for you.

At other times, your doctor or healthcare provider may have continued to treat you after the insurance funds dried up. They will naturally bill you for any amounts unpaid. We will work closely with them in an attempt to have them settle for a lesser amount if the bills become too high. Again, there is no fee for this service. In essence, we believe that it is vitally important to help you with your medical needs and insurance problems, in addition to settling your claim. We want you to be a satisfied client who will naturally want to refer people to us based upon your good results.

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