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Should I Use An Attorney?

Yes, 99% of the time. Once in a while a person is confident enough to handle the claim herself. She may have some medical knowledge and some business sense to guide her. Her injuries are not particularly severe, perhaps only a few weeks of treatment. In this instance, she may be able to settle with the insurance company directly, and not use the services of an attorney.

You Need a Lawyer for Your Injury Case

However, in the vast majority of personal injury claims, an attorney is needed. Claims representatives attempt to dissuade you, the claimant, from getting an attorney. All of the insurance companies know the same statistics: That most injury claims have a much higher payout with attorney representation than not. In fact, attorney representation typically increases the value of the claim to the point that the client nets more money for himself, even after paying attorney fees, than had the client represented himself.

How an Attorney Helps You

In addition to the above, the real issue is whether you, the claimant, have enough industry knowledge to represent yourself. The business of “personal injury claims” includes many different types of accidents, which all have their own set of laws. For example, a simple motor vehicle accident at an intersection involves motor vehicle law and financial responsibility, insurance regulations, state and federal common law, plus the laws of subrogation and reimbursement.

Related to motor vehicle law is uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage. Do you know that you must obtain the defendant’s insurance company’s consent to settle, and waiver of subrogation rights, if you have your own underinsured motorists coverage on your policy, and wish to make a claim against it? Assuming that you know the ropes regarding the laws I just discussed, what about the medical aspect of your claim? Do you know how to present the injury to the claims company, in the light most favorable to you, in order to obtain a larger settlement? Do you know which medical experts to hire or whether you need a functional capacity evaluation before trying to settle?

What Attorney Doug Stoehr can Do for You

Do not be shortsighted: have an expert in negligence law, claims, and medical evidence represent you in your claim. Attorney Doug Stoehr is a local attorney who represents injured claimants and plaintiffs for over 20 years. In his prior experience he worked for the insurance companies defending the type of claim that you want to pursue. He is very aware of the insurance companies’ methods, and knows how to short-circuit their goal to pay you less money.

If you want proof of his success, see Attorney Stoehr’s Case Results where you can read a sampling of some of the favorable results he has obtained for his clients. Go to Testimonials to hear from his many satisfied former clients who consistently applaud Attorney Stoehr and his staff on how their claims were handled, and thank Attorney Stoehr for the results that he obtained for them.