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What Is My Case Worth?

Proving Negligence

Assume that you have a case. The value will depend upon many factors. First, you have to prove the defendant’s negligence in Pennsylvania personal injury claims. Negligence means that the defendant did not act reasonably or was careless. You must then prove that you have “damages,” and that the damages were indeed caused by the defendant’s negligence.

Your Damages

Pennsylvania law recognizes different damages. There are “economic damages” such as medical bills and lost wages. The “non-economic damages” include the following for the past, present, and future:

  • Physical pain;
  • Actual suffering;
  • Emotion pain and mental anguish;
  • Scarring;
  • Inconvenience;
  • Loss of your ability to enjoy life and life’s pleasures;
  • Embarrassment.

Your Claim Will Be Assigned to a Claims Representative – Attorney Doug Stoehr Is a Former Claimsman

Most personal injury claims are presented to the insurance company for the defendant. A claims representative will be assigned to the handling of your case. Attorney Stoehr is a former claims representative which gives him great insight into how the insurance company views your claim. Attorney Stoehr’s background also taught him what “tricks” the insurance company may attempt to minimize the value of your claim. Many claims get settled with the insurance company without having to file a lawsuit. Attorney Stoehr has obtained over 350 settlements for his clients over the past 20 years.

Attorney Stoehr Will Handle Your Lawsuit if Your Claim Does Not Settle

If the case does not settle, a lawsuit will be filed. The jury will be asked to award an amount of “fair compensation” for you if negligence is proven. Various factors at trial will determine how much money a jury may award you. Quite frankly, it is admittedly difficult to obtain high jury verdicts in west-central Pennsylvania. For example, a claim with similar facts may be worth five times more in Philadelphia County. There is really nothing that can be done about these phenomena; jurors in other venues simply view cases differently.

Nonetheless, Attorney Stoehr will aggressively pursue your damages as aggressively as possible. We will do this through testimony of your co-workers, church members, and relatives who can credibly testify about the effects of the injury on your life. We will present medical testimony through your treating doctors and therapists. We may even hire an expert witness to testify on your behalf about any unique issue to your case.

We Will Fight for Your Settlement or Verdict

We will put together a plan on how to present your damages to the insurance company or the jury. Attorney Stoehr is very precise in his presentations and dedicates himself to obtaining the most favorable result possible for you in your personal injury claim.