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Case Results

Motor Vehicle Accidents

$2,000,000 Settlement: 3 Failed Low Back Surgeries

Our client was rear-ended by a 24′ box truck owned by a Fortune 150 company. The accident occurred on I-376 in Pittsburgh when returning to Duncansville from a work assignment. A father of five, and only 33 years old, he underwent three failed low back surgeries. Case settled five days before trial which was scheduled for nine days in Federal Court in Johnstown. Large workers’ comp lien waived which added more value to the $2,000,000.00 settlement.

$300,000 Policy Limit + $200,000 UIM Settlements: Motor Vehicle Accident – 2 Adults, 2 Minors Injured

A mother and her two children and sister-in-law sustained various injuries in an MVA near the Station Mall. The minor children have their future college education secured through separate structured settlements.

$100,000 Policy Limit + $250,000 UIM Policy Limit Settlements: Head-on Motor Vehicle Accident – Mother, Permanent Cognitive Impairment; Daughter, Internal Injuries:

A family of three were injured in head-on collision in Cambria County. The minor daughter sustained a lacerated spleen and other internal injuries. She has her college education secured through a structured settlement. The mother was a mathematician pursuing a post-graduate degree when she struck her head as a front seat passenger. Unfortunately, her cognitive skills are permanently diminished. We obtained the policy limit for her UIM claim after litigating through the UIM arbitration process.

$100,000 Policy Limits + $200,000 UIM Policy Limit Settlements: Head-on Motor Vehicle Accident – Premature Delivery of Baby

A couple was struck head-on in Newry. Our client was seven months pregnant and went into premature labor and fetal distress. The newborn required weeks of neonatal intensive care at Conemaugh and Altoona Regional. The mother underwent two surgeries to reconstruct each knee. Her baby is now doing well and no longer experiences cognitive delays. She also has her anticipated college expenses covered by a structured settlement. We are still representing the father who may need a second knee surgery.

$275,000 Liability Settlement + $50,000 UIM Settlement + $75,000 Work Comp Settlement: Cervical Injury

A female supervisor of a traffic control company rear-ended in company vehicle. Returned to work but after several months missed one year from work. Job no longer available but took lower paying job. Condition improved but chronic. Noninvasive treatment yet still settled her respective claims as noted above.

Other Claims of Negligence

$1,650,000 Settlement: Defective Product – Permanent Injury

A professional excavator dug a grave and lifted a dead horse from the ground by using a backhoe and commercial chain. Our client was standing in the vicinity when the chain snapped striking client across the head. He underwent a bifrontal craniotomy with repair of cerebrospinal fluid leak and for elevation of depressed skull fracture and repair of dura. He also suffers from permanent loss of vision in one eye, and permanent loss of smell with an effect on taste. Visible surgical and laceration scars. Continues to suffer from headaches.

$300,000 Policy Limit Settlement: Pit Bull Dog Bite

Our adult clients were exiting their duplex while father carrying four year old daughter. Pit bull pushed open the screen door to owner’s residence next door at duplex. Without warning or provocation, the pit bull mauled the minor’s leg while father tried to escape with her. Investigating police officer described the chunk of flesh he found on the sidewalk. Minor underwent surgery and emotional regression. Another example of a very sizeable structured settlement for a minor. Parents also compensated for their claims of negligent infliction of emotional distress.

$375,000 Settlement: Fall Down of Elderly Patron at Local Fast Food Restaurant

This Altoona restaurant has a peculiar design wherein restrooms are located outside of the building to the rear. The only way to access men’s room is to walk through drive-thru lane for automobiles. Elderly client was nervous because of oncoming vehicular traffic causing him to trip on the unpainted curb when walking toward the men’s room. Suffered fractured hip resulting in surgery and subsequent hospitalizations. He died several months after the fall. His widow was beneficiary of his estate.

Workers Compensation Settlement

$180,000.00 Settlement for Retail Store Manager

Client was paid over $45,000 for initial 3 years of comp. Client then settled for lump sum of $180,000 which is very large for Blair County.