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Case Results – ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) Accident Cases

$1,400,000.00 Settlement for Back Fusion Surgery and Loss of Voice

The client was injured while riding in the rear cargo area of a 4-wheel utility terrain vehicle. The owner-operator admitted that it was a violation of the safety manual to allow passengers in the rear cargo area. There were also no seatbelts or an offering of helmets. The owner-operator attempted to ascend a hill that was too steep for this vehicle. The front end of the vehicle raised in the air and completely flipped backwards.

My client sustained a fracture to her neck and thoracic spine, 15 fractured ribs, and a serious crush injury to her chest. She remained in the trauma unit of a hospital for 20 days. She needed to be intubated more than once but unfortunately her vocal cord was severed during the intubation process. Her injuries resulted in a fusion to her spine and an impairment in her ability to speak.

The client is a U.S. Veteran who previously served in Germany and Afghanistan. After her Honorable Discharge she was retrained for a new occupation. She was employed as a computer draftsperson on the date of the accident. However, due to her spinal injuries, she cannot work full-time, and experiences difficulty in finding part-time work. An expert report from a rehabilitation specialist states that the client will not be able to return to work full-time. She will need additional surgery in the future, in addition to other medical treatment. An economic expert states that my client will lose several hundred thousand dollars’ worth of earnings over the course of her work-life expectancy. A vocal cord expert states that the client will always have an impairment in her ability to speak because one of her vocal cords was severed while she was intubated in the intensive care unit.

The defendant had three separate insurance policies that applied to this loss. The parties settled this claim at a federal mediation session. The client can now pay personal and medical expenses which have accumulated, and secure her future through monthly annuity payments through a structured settlement.

Eleven-Year-Old Client Fractures Femur While Unsupervised on ATV

My client and his young friend were riding ATVs on the friend’s property. My client had never operated an ATV before and was not given any instructions by an adult on his friend’s property. There was also no supervision by an adult. My young client rolled his ATV and fractured his femur which required surgery and the placement of rods. We settled the claim with the property owner for nearly $100,000.00.

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