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Case Results – Burns And Scar Case Results

Pre-Teen Scarred by Hospital Error

Our young client unfortunately suffers from some serious medical conditions. She became anemic and was referred to a hospital in Pittsburgh for intravenous iron therapy. The nurse experienced difficulty in inserting the needle and did not get a blood return. Nonetheless, she continued with the infusion therapy. The needle remained in place despite our client’s protestation and complaints of pain and burning. Because the IV needle was not placed properly, the iron infiltrated into the soft tissue and left a permanent 12-inch stain (dark appearance to the skin like a scar) on my client’s arm.

The hospital settled with my client’s mother for six figures, and the money was placed in a trust which cannot be accessed until my client reaches a predetermined age. At that time she will receive periodic payments through a structured settlement.

Burned by Heating Pads in a Hospital

An Altoona woman was hospitalized for shoulder surgery. After surgery nurses placed hot water bottles under her calves. The nurses left the bottles unattended which resulted in third-degree burns to her bilateral calves. She suffered severe blistering, pain, and permanent scarring. She will always be restricted by limiting exposure of her lower legs to the sun. The hospital paid the medical bills and settled the personal injury for over $100,000.00.

Tyrone Woman Burned by K-pad in ICU

My client complained of being cold while in the ICU. A nurse placed a K-pad under her legs without a covering. Due to the effects of her medical condition my client did not realize that her legs were being burned. A family member took notice of the burns to my client’s calves. She received second-degree burns and, due to her advanced years, my elderly client suffered a great deal of pain. The hospital settled with my client for over $100,000.00.

Tubing Incident Results in Bodily Burns

My client and her husband were invited on a boat to go tubing. My client began pulling on the rope to pull the tube onto the boat. While pulling the tube the owner/operator of the boat abruptly began operation of the boat. The rope wrapped around my client’s ankle and pulled her into the water. She suffered third-degree pressure rope burns to her right thigh and right foot, and severely sprained the ligaments and tendons in her right ankle. The case settled out of court.

We have provided these case results to you in order to provide a sampling of some settlements or verdicts by Attorney Stoehr. Even though the facts of your case may be similar to a case result you have read, Attorney Stoehr cannot provide you with any guarantee of your result. Every claim has to be evaluated upon its own set of facts. Therefore, the outcome of a particular case, including yours, cannot be predicted upon past results of other cases. Finally, the cases listed on our website are for illustration only, and do not represent all of the cases that Attorney Stoehr has handled.

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