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Case Results – Claims Against Hospitals

Six-Figure Settlement Due to Pressure Ulcers

An older gentlemen from Altoona was admitted to the hospital for chest pain, diagnosed with congestive heart failure and admitted to intensive care. He underwent coronary artery bypass surgery. Days after surgery, the doctor noticed a bruise on his coccyx. The next day there was a “break in skin”. A wound care nurse noted a pressure ulcer. Earlier nurses had not made any notes of this. The ulcer became deeper and wider and our client had to undergo debridements and take antibiotics due to infection. This case settled shortly before trial for six figures.

Surgical Sponge Left in Client’s Head by Hospital and Doctor

A Huntingdon woman underwent an operation on her inner ear to remove a growth and have a prosthesis implanted. The prosthesis partially protruded through the membrane and our client suffered mild hearing loss. She was then advised to undergo a revision surgery to correct this. After the second surgery, our client suffered from moderate facial swelling, an eye that was swollen shut, redness that radiated from cheek to ear and pain. Diagnosis was facial cellulitis and cerebritis. Client was given antibiotics. After much pain and suffering, our client was finally admitted into a women’s hospital where it was discovered that a surgical sponge had been left in the incision. The hospital and surgeon who left the sponge near my client’s ear equally shared payment of this six-figure settlement.

Failure to Treat Pressure Sores Results in Hospital Changing Its Computer System

An Altoona man’s wife was admitted into the hospital for diverticulitis and during her one month hospital stay developed Stage II decubitus ulcers on her coccyx which she did not have upon admission to the hospital. An ostomy team was then ordered to address this. She passed away from the decubitus ulcer, cardiopulmonary arrest, colitis and end stage renal disease. My client’s husband received a financial settlement. More importantly, and much to the satisfaction of my client, the hospital changed its computer system and how it tracked and reported pressure ulcers.

Negligence Settlement for Dialysis Failure

Our client was receiving dialysis through a port in her chest. She had a fistula inserted in her right forearm that would enable her to now use that arm for dialysis. At a treatment session the young technician experienced difficulty inserting the needle. He chose to use a prior chest port that day. However, our client experienced severe pain in her right arm and it began to bleed due to the technician’s prior failure. Upon returning home from outpatient treatment, her husband took her back to the hospital because of significant swelling and pain. My client was admitted to the hospital and surgery was done to drain a hematoma which developed on the forearm. This resulted in a surgical scar where the technician had failed to insert the dialysis needle. The client healed but suffered pain and emotional distress over this incident. The hospital settled for its negligence.



We have provided these case results to you in order to provide a sampling of some settlements or verdicts by Attorney Stoehr. Even though the facts of your case may be similar to a case result you have read, Attorney Stoehr cannot provide you with any guarantee of your result. Every claim has to be evaluated upon its own set of facts. Therefore, the outcome of a particular case, including yours, cannot be predicted upon past results of other cases. Finally, the cases listed on our website are for illustration only, and do not represent all of the cases that Attorney Stoehr has handled.

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