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Case Results – Dog Bite Cases

$300,000.00 Settlement – Young Girl Mauled by a Pit Bull

My client’s family was living next door to a family with a pit bull. The pit bull stormed out of the front door because the screen door was left open. It circled over to the front porch of my client’s residence. My very young female client was walking out her front door when the dog reached up and tore a chunk of flesh out of her thigh. The police report noted that human flesh was found on the sidewalk after being spat out by the dog. My client underwent surgery for the injury to her thigh. She also had additional multiple smaller bite marks. Unfortunately, she began to experience nightmares and bed wetting.

After payment of fees and costs, her net amount was placed in a structured settlement for safe keeping until she is older. The parents were also compensated for their own claim of negligent infliction of emotional distress for witnessing the dog attack. The claim was paid by the defendant’s homeowner’s insurance policy.

Six-Figure Settlement for Dog Bite to Face of Woman

Being new to the area and interested in adopting a dog as a companion, my client visited a pet adoption agency. While playing with the dog at the agency, the dog suddenly and without provocation turned on my client and viciously bit her face, shredding the lip and the skin above the lip. The pet adoption agency was aware that the dog had bitten others in the past but failed to warn my client. My client was immediately taken by ambulance to a local hospital where a plastic surgeon made repairs to the lip. One year after the attack, additional plastic surgery was necessary to repair the scarring.

Pit Bull Attack on City Worker

While in the course of his employment, my client was viciously attacked and bitten by a pit bull. The homeowners were well aware of the dog’s vicious propensities and were in violation of the 1996 amendments to the Dangerous Dogs Statute. Only six months prior to this incident they were cited for this same dog chasing U.S. postal employees and other city employees. While my client was attempting to serve a notice on the homeowner for an unrelated matter, the homeowner allowed the dog to exit the front door with no concern for the safety of my client. My client who had been standing on the sidewalk saw the dog charging toward him and attempted to out run the dog. However, the pit bull caught up to my client and latched his jaw onto my client’s left arm at the elbow. My client was also bitten on the left leg. The claim settled out of court with the defendant’s homeowner’s insurance company.

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