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Case Results – Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

$2,000,000.00 Settlement Three-Vehicle Accident Caused by Box Truck

A Duncansville, Pennsylvania, young man was returning from work in Pittsburgh. He was operating his company’s utility van when he was rear-ended in stop-and-go traffic on the Parkway near Pittsburgh. The defendant was operating a large box truck and rear-ended my client at 50 m.p.h. My client suffered a serious back injury which ultimately led to three failed low back surgeries. He was no longer able to work his job earning approximately $60,000.00 per year. The claim was defended vigorously by this defendant, a Fortune 500 company. The case settled for $2,000,000.00 five days before a trial was scheduled for eight days in federal court. We also settled the client’s worker’s compensation claim for an additional $350,000.00. His medical bills were also paid in full. Thereafter the client was able to obtain social security disability benefits.

$500,000.00 Settlement Policy Limit and Underinsurance Motorists Limit

A mother and her two young children sustained various injuries in a motor vehicle accident near the Station Mall in Altoona. This consisted of a $300,000.00 policy limit against the defendant’s insurance policy, and $200,000.00 paid by my client’s own automobile policy for underinsured motorist benefits. Regarding the children, one minor child dislocated two bones in her foot with a nerve injury. The other minor suffered a laceration to her forehead requiring 46 sutures. Fortunately all three healed within 6-9 months of treatment and all treatment was paid for. The two children have their future college education costs secured through separate structured settlements.

Significant Multiple Six-Figure Settlements for a Premature Birth Caused by Car Crash

A couple was struck head-on in Newry. Our client was seven months pregnant and went into premature labor and fetal distress. The newborn required weeks of neonatal intensive care at Conemaugh and Altoona Regional. The mother underwent two surgeries to reconstruct each knee. Her baby is now doing well and no longer experiences cognitive delays. She also has her anticipated college expenses covered by a structured settlement. The mother was compensated six-figures for her two knee injuries and her daughter was also compensated into the six-figures. We later settled the father’s claim for a significant amount after he also underwent knee surgery. All hospital and surgical bills got paid.

$400,000.00 Settlement for a Cervical Injury

A female supervisor of a traffic control company was rear-ended in a company vehicle and sustained a serious cervical injury. She returned to work but after several months missed an entire year from work. Her job was no longer available so she took a lower paying job. We were able to obtain pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of significant wages for her. Her condition improved but she remains affected by her injuries. The $400,000.00 settlement was based upon the negligence claim against the defendant driver and underinsured motorist settlement against our client’s policy, and a $75,000.00 workers’ compensation settlement. Fortunately the client never needed surgery, and all her bills got paid.

$315,000.00 for Duncansville Self-Employed Contractor with Lumbar Injury

Our client was driving a utility van between work sites. As he approached an intersection another driver ran the red light to his right. After the vehicles collided the defendant careened off my client’s van and struck a house across the street causing extensive damage to the front porch. My client lost control of his van and sustained a second heavy impact when the front end of his van struck a steel utility pole. He sustained a serious back injury with radicular pain down his legs which required surgery. He also injured his left shoulder and knee. We settled against the defendant operator for his modest policy limit, but also settled against the UIM carrier for the owner of the van, for a significant policy limit. We also helped this client with a claim for social security disability benefits and guided him through the Medicaid process so that his bills got paid.

Significant Six-Figures for a Veteran in Car Accident

Our client was traveling lawfully on Pleasant Valley Blvd. in Altoona when another vehicle ran a red light and broadsided our client’s sedan. The driver’s side door caved in and impacted our client’s body. He was extricated from the vehicle by emergency personnel with a jaws of life. He suffered from left hip and thigh pain and numbness. He was referred for injections and ultimately had low back surgery. He has constant sharp pain in his left lower back and in now considered disabled by the Veterans Administration. In less than six months we were able to obtain a significant six-figure settlement without having to file a lawsuit. We made sure that the Veterans Administration paid his bills, and that the Veterans Administration got reimbursed.

Three Settlements Total Six-Figures for Fractured Neck

Our client was operating a company van during off-hours. The defendant operator made an illegal left turn into the path of his van. Our client suffered a fractured neck for which he wore a cervical collar, pain in his right shoulder and numbness and tingling to his fingertips. We obtained the policy limit from the defendant’s insurance, and the underinsured motorist policy limit against the company van’s policy. Furthermore, my client got another underinsured motorist settlement from his own policy of insurance.

Two-Vehicle Accident Results in Six-Figures – Brain Injury, Headaches, Concussion, Visual Disturbance

Here again the defendant operator made a left turn directly into the path of my client’s oncoming vehicle. The vehicles collided with the point of impact being almost head-on. Our client was a prison guard who sustained fractured hand, concussion, visual disturbances, headaches and other associated problems. He also suffered a brain injury which took about a year to recover. His settlement was for all of these injuries plus lost wages. His medical bills got paid.

Two Six-Figure Settlements for Lumbar Disc Herniation, Facet Joint Disruption, and Nerve Root Impingement

My client had not experienced any problems with his low back for 10 years before the accident. He was physically doing well as a self-employed mechanic. This accident necessitated multiple low back injections, steroids, and nerve blocks. His new injuries caused by the accident were a lumbar disc herniation, facet joint disruption, and nerve root impingement. It was suggested that he either retire or be retrained for another profession. We settled for the defendant’s policy limit and my clients underinsured motorist policy limit. At one point his insurer refused to pay for some of his medical expenses. We filed a lawsuit for my client against his insurance company. We did not charge the client for this additional work as we persuaded the insurance company to pay his medical bills.

Six-Figure Settlement for Foot Injury

Our client was tossed about her vehicle although she was seat-belted. Her injuries included an extensor tenosynovitis, capsulitis of the right ankle, and a talofibular ligament injury. She underwent physical therapy, ankle braces, and three steroid injections. After many months she resumed her physical activities. This was also a policy limit case with additional UIM benefits.

Six-Figure Settlement for a Three-Vehicle Pileup Rotator Cuff Injury

Our client was operating a vehicle leased by his employer. A vehicle behind him was struck in the rear, and also pushed into the rear of our client’s vehicle. All vehicles sustained severe damage. Our client sustained a serious rotator cuff injury which required injections and surgery. We made three settlements for him: the defendant’s operators insurance, the client’s underinsured motorist coverage, and a worker’s compensation settlement.

Six-Figure Settlement for a Teenager Who Suffers Seizures and Closed Skull Fracture

Our teenage client was in the rear seat when his father’s vehicle was rear-ended. He was thrown into the front seat. Police estimated the other driver was going 85 miles per hour. My client’s vehicle left the roadway, went up an embankment and struck a tree. After impact the vehicle rolled over onto its roof. Our teenage client suffered an epidural hemorrhage, a closed skull fracture, multiple other fractures, and seizure activity. We made two six-figure settlements for this client and placed the settlement money into a restricted account that he cannot access until age 18.

Six-Figure Settlement for Wreck in Philipsburg on Wintry Roadway

It was snowing and sleeting and our client had been sent home early from work due to the weather conditions. The defendant driver was going too fast for conditions and lost control of his vehicle. The defendant entered the curve and struck our client nearly head-on. She sustained a severe fracture to her elbow when she went into a ditch and underwent emergency surgery. We obtained two separate policy limit settlements.

Altoona Teenager Huffing While Driving Injures Passenger With Multiple Fractures

Our teenage client was a passenger in an automobile operated by a classmate. The classmate was driving under the influence of an illegal solvent and wrecked the vehicle. Our client suffered facial abrasions and contusions, a fractured nose, five fractured bones in her wrist, eight fractured bones in her foot, and a rib fracture. We obtained two significant settlements for the client, which have been placed in trust for later years. All medical bills have been paid.

Six-Figures for Cervical Surgery for Bedford Woman

Our client was completely stopped in traffic and was looking to her left. She was rear-ended by the defendant operator and underwent a cervical discectomy almost immediately by a Pittsburgh neurosurgeon. Surgery went well and we achieved the settlement within a few months.

Six-Figure Settlement for Johnstown Woman with Permanent Thoracic and Cervical Injury

Our client worked full-time but had to ultimately quit her job. She suffered unrelenting mid-thoracic pain with cervical pain. She also had knee pain and recurrent headaches. Fortunately we were able to obtain a significant six-figure settlement with her UIM coverage after exhausting the defendant’s minimal policy amount. All medicals bills were paid and the client was financially able of taking a part-time job after her settlement.

Fatality Viewed by a Teenager in Clearfield

Our teenage client was a passenger in a collision in which the driver of her vehicle was killed. Our client suffered emotional stress in viewing the death. She also suffers from a brain injury from the impact and a fracture to her arm. We helped her obtain specialized treatment. After payment of her medical bills and other costs, her settlement money was placed into a structured settlement and a special needs trust.

$100,000.00 Car Accident Settlement for St. Mary’s Man

The defendant was operating a motor vehicle owned by someone else. He did not have familiarity with the car and struck our client. Our client had various injuries including a fractured foot and a cervical injury. He also underwent a surgical repair to his shoulder. All of his bills were paid.

$100,000.00 Policy Limit Settlement for a Passenger Who Suffers Lumbar Fracture and Broken Jaw

Our client was a passenger in the vehicle where the driver lost control when his foot slipped off the brake. The vehicle went down an embankment and the client suffered three broken ribs, a compression fracture to her lumbar spine and a broken jaw.

Significant Six-Figure Settlements for Mother and Daughter Injured in Van

Our client was traveling with daughter and son in a specially-equipped van that she needed due to a physical disability. They were struck by a city truck with a snow plow pump. The impact was so violent that the vehicle spun clockwise and would have tipped over if not for a fire hydrant. The daughter was flung into the mother and her mother suffered right shoulder pain, spinal cord compression, cervical pain, headaches and a wrist injury. The daughter suffered headaches, hip pain and pain in her cervical and lumber spine which is a condition that will be permanent. The mother’s portion of the settlement was used to build a new home which could accommodate her special needs.

Six-Figure Settlement for Altoona Woman with Fractured Back

A young woman from Altoona was a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident. As a result of the accident she fractured her back and had to wear a back brace. She suffered from mid-thoracic back pain and most likely this will be a permanent injury with the possibility of the client developing arthritis at a young age.

Six-Figure Settlement – Intersection Accident

This accident occurred near the busy intersection of 17 th Street and 6 th Avenue in Altoona. Our client was traveling eastbound in the left lane approaching an intersection. The other vehicle was in the right lane when it abruptly made a left hand turn from the right lane to the left lane in order to make a left at the intersection. That is when he struck our client on the right front and sideswept him. Our client suffered disc herniations, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) which will be permanent, headaches, neck pain and paresthesias. The case was settled for $185,000.00 at a mediation session before a local judge

Rear-End Accident Causes Woman to Suffer Neurological Damages

Our client, an Altoona woman, was traveling down the highway, got into the right hand lane and onto the exit ramp where she stopped and turned her upper body to the left to look for traffic. She was then rear ended. She said she heard her neck pop upon impact. She suffered a cervical injury which required surgery, lumber problems and neurogenic bladder. The client was able to settle for more than $100,000.00 for the policy limit settlement against the defendant and additional underinsured motorists coverage.

Somerset Teenager Suffers Fractured Skull and Head Injuries

Our client was a passenger in the rear seat of an automobile traveling at a high rate of speed on a dirt road. The driver lost control and rolled the vehicle. Our client suffered two skull fractures, a fractured orbital, loss of hearing in his right ear, cerebral hematoma, facial lacerations with bruising and swelling and a cervical injury. Fortunately the client received the $100,000.00 policy limit against the defendant, and an additional policy limit of $30,000.00 in underinsured motorists benefits. All medical bills were paid and much of the settlement money was placed into a structured settlement for this youth.

Over $100,000.00 for Huntingdon Woman in Winter Collision

It was snowing and sleeting and our client had been sent home early from work due to weather conditions. She was on her way to her mother’s to pick up her children because school had been cancelled that day. The defendant driver was going too fast for the conditions and lost control of his vehicle prior to entering the curve and struck our client nearly head-on. Our client sustained a severe fracture to her elbow and underwent emergency surgery. Fortunately she recovered well and all of her medical bills have been paid.

Multiple Settlements for State College Man Due to Three-Vehicle Accident

Our client was operating a vehicle owned by his employer. He traveled southbound on the highway and two other operators were traveling in the opposite direction toward our client. One vehicle in the opposite lane rear-ended the vehicle in front of him. The force of this impact caused these two vehicles to be pushed into our client’s vehicle across the centerline. All vehicles sustained severe damage and were towed from the scene. Our client suffered a torn rotator cuff which required multiple injections and therapy. He unfortunately lost his job due to his availability because of his injuries. We secured a settlement from the primary defendant, an underinsured motorists settlement, and a workers’ compensation settlement for my client.

Tyrone Pedestrian Struck While Crossing the Road

My client was on business when she crossed the street at an intersection when she was struck by a motor vehicle. She had completely crossed the first lane of travel, and was more than one-half way across the second lane of travel when she was struck. Despite this compelling evidence, the defendant convinced his insurance carrier to defend the claim, because he was allegedly hampered because the sun was in his eyes. I presented legal research to the defendant’s insurance carrier in order to prove that this was not a viable defense. Ultimately we were able to settle my client’s claim without filing suit.

My client suffered a right proximal humerus fracture, pelvic fracture, sacrum fracture, rib fractures on each side and an injury to her left knee and right shoulder. She was hospitalized for eight days immediately following the accident. Several months after the accident she had surgery performed on her right shoulder. My client missed several months of work as a result of her injuries. I was able to negotiate a settlement with the insurance carrier for the driver for his $100,000.00 policy limit. Additionally, my client also received $65,000.00 in underinsured motorists coverage on from her own automobile insurance policy. We were also able to resolve a lien against my client made by her employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

Indiana Client Struck by a Vehicle While Working on the Roadway

Our client was working at the time of his accident. He parked his bucket truck with cones in front and back and four way lights on and performed some prep work. He walked back to the passenger side of his truck which was along the road. A vehicle was coming at him and he grabbed the ladder and tried to pull himself up but he ended up caught between both vehicles and his ankles were struck. He rolled off the hood of the car and onto the road. He confronted defendant but she fled the scene. His injuries included cervical disc disease, radiculopathy, cervical spine sprain, depression with anxiety, and panic disorder without agoraphobia . We obtained an out of court settlement for our client and he recovered well from his injuries.

Six-Figure Settlement for Left Turn Collision for Philipsburg Man

Our client was on his way to pick up his children after work when the defendant made a left turn directly into the path of our client. Our client struck his head on the windshield and lost consciousness at the scene. His injuries included a fractured hand, traumatic brain injury, concussion, visual disturbances, and migraine headaches. He underwent surgery on his hand seven months after the accident. Our client also began treatment and therapy with the UPMC Sports Concussion Program in Pittsburgh regarding his migraine headaches. He also participated in vestibular therapy treatment regarding his visual disturbances. Our client was unable to return to work for a period of two months after the accident. We were able to successfully settle his injury claim out of court. All of his lost past wages were recovered and all of his medical expenses were paid.


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