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Case Results – Nursing Home Negligence And Abuse Cases

The cases listed below are just a sample of the nursing home cases that Attorney Stoehr has handled over the years. These cases are difficult to pursue because they are rigorously defended by the nursing home industry. However, Attorney Stoehr will selectively represent victims of neglect and abuse to obtain the justice and compensation that these victims deserve.

Other cases handled by Attorney Stoehr include residents who develop debilitating decubitis ulcers, i.e., bedsores caused by many factors that almost always include unrelieved pressure on a bony prominence. We have also handled cases of malnutrition, abuse, and falls from chairs and beds. Call our office for a free evaluation of your nursing home claim or the claim of a loved one.

Six-Figure Settlement for Fall in Nursing Home

Our client, an 88-year-old lady who suffered from dementia was a resident at a nursing home. Only 10 days after her admission, she wandered unassisted out the front door of the facility and into the parking lot. In the days that followed, she continued to wander throughout the facility. Three days after the elopement into the parking lot, she was found lying on the floor in a hallway. As a result of the fall she fractured her right hip and underwent surgery at a local hospital. The nursing home failed to properly address the wandering activities of my client and assess her risk for falls. Our client passed away four months after the fall. We were able to reach a six-figure settlement for our client’s husband.

Six-Figure Settlement for Recurrent Falls and Physical Abuse

The niece of an 82-year-old mildly mentally retarded lady, contacted our office regarding injuries her aunt suffered from recurrent falls and abuse at a personal care home. The aunt was receiving home health visits from an outside agency while she resided at the personal care home. The home health agency nurse notified the personal care home that the resident should be placed in a Fall Prevention Program and that she was in need of 24-hour supervision because of her numerous falls. On the date of the sentinel event, the aunt had called for assistance to get to the bathroom. An employee of the personal care home advised her that she had to be able to walk on her own. When the aunt was unable to do so, she was dragged under the arms by the employee to the bathroom where she fell and struck her head. It was also alleged that the employee kicked the aunt in her back causing an acute compression fracture to her spine requiring surgery. We were able to obtain a six-figure settlement on behalf of the aunt without having to file a lawsuit.

Altoona Nursing Home Liable for Neglect and Abuse

An Altoona woman’s mother was in a nursing home for almost three years. Lack of care and understaffing over this time resulted in various injuries such as: a fractured hip, 2 fractures to the left humerus, decubitus ulcers, various bruising to her trunk and left hand and physical abuse by a certified nursing assistant. Our client’s mother passed away for unrelated reasons. However, the family was bitter about the lack of acceptable treatment. Thus, we were authorized to initiate a lawsuit. During the discovery phase of the case, the defendant was forced to provide records which indicated likely abuse of other residents. The case settled quickly thereafter for significant six figures.



We have provided these case results to you in order to provide a sampling of some settlements or verdicts by Attorney Stoehr. Even though the facts of your case may be similar to a case result you have read, Attorney Stoehr cannot provide you with any guarantee of your result. Every claim has to be evaluated upon its own set of facts. Therefore, the outcome of a particular case, including yours, cannot be predicted upon past results of other cases. Finally, the cases listed on our website are for illustration only, and do not represent all of the cases that Attorney Stoehr has handled.

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