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Case Results – Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Professional Sales Person Suffers Memory Loss after Accident

The defendant began a left turn in front of our client’s vehicle. His vehicle stalled and was broadsided by the client. The defendant claimed that his car sputtered or stalled. Nonetheless, we proved that the defendant driver was negligent. My client suffered soft tissue injuries to her neck and back but a more serious cognitive injury. She is no longer able to work because of her cognitive injuries. We obtained two settlements against the defendant operator because he was covered by two separate liability policies. We also obtained an UIM settlement.

Altoona Pedestrian Struck by Car While Walking in a Crosswalk Suffers Aggravation of Cognitive Injury

The defendant driver blamed my client for this accident which happened in the crosswalk. My client was slightly slow mentally and the defendant tried to use this disability against him. However, we were able to prove that the defendant struck my client while lawfully in the crosswalk. My client suffered a severe aggravation of his cognitive abilities and foot drop and needed to move into an assisted living facility for several months. We located an expert neurologist who confirmed this in a report. This increased the value of the claim. He lost his independence and confidence because of the accident. We were able to get his medical bills paid and secure a settlement of over $200,000.00 for his future needs. He has now made a good recovery and moved back to Ohio to live with his family.

$350,000.00 Settlement for a Mother Who Suffered Permanent Cognitive Injuries and a Daughter with Internal Injuries

A family of three were injured in a head-on collision in Cambria County. The minor daughter sustained a lacerated spleen and other internal injuries. She healed from her injuries yet obtained a settlement which should pay a lot of her future college costs through a structured settlement. Unfortunately the mother was a professional pursuing a post-graduate degree when she struck her head in this accident. Her cognitive skills are likely permanently diminished. The $100,000.00 defendant’s insurance limit was shared between the daughter and the mother. Further, the mother obtained an additional $250,000.00 which was the total amount of underinsured motorist coverage available. This policy limit for her head injury was obtained after litigating through the UIM arbitration process. All medical bills were paid.

We have provided these case results to you in order to provide a sampling of some settlements or verdicts by Attorney Stoehr. Even though the facts of your case may be similar to a case result you have read, Attorney Stoehr cannot provide you with any guarantee of your result. Every claim has to be evaluated upon its own set of facts. Therefore, the outcome of a particular case, including yours, cannot be predicted upon past results of other cases. Finally, the cases listed on our website are for illustration only, and do not represent all of the cases that Attorney Stoehr has handled.

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