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Case Results – Truck Accident Cases

$2,000,000.00 Settlement in Trucking Accident: Three Failed Back Surgeries

A Duncansville, Pennsylvania, young man was returning from work in Pittsburgh. He was operating his company’s utility van when he was rear-ended in stop-and-go traffic on the Parkway near Pittsburgh. The defendant was operating a large box truck and rear-ended my client at 50 m.p.h. My client suffered a serious back injury which ultimately led to three failed low back surgeries. He was no longer able to work his job earning approximately $60,000.00 per year. The claim was defended vigorously by this defendant, a Fortune 500 company. The case settled for $2,000,000.00 five days before a trial was scheduled for eight days in federal court. We also settled the client’s worker’s compensation claim for an additional $350,000.00. His medical bills were also paid in full. Thereafter the client was able to obtain social security disability benefits.

$350,000.00 Settlement Midway Through Trial for Woman Against Two Trucking Companies

My client was traveling on Interstate 80 intending to visit her adult daughter. The weather turned nasty while traveling the interstate. Unbeknownst to my client, two 18-wheelers had become entangled on the interstate down the road. One tractor-trailer was forced off the road while the other jack-knifed completely across the roadway. The roadway was completely blocked when my client came out of a curve. She did her best to control her vehicle but she slid into the side of the trailer. Fortunately the trailer was empty or her injuries would have been more significant.

My client had multiple injuries including a very significant closed head injury, otherwise known as a traumatic brain injury. I referred my client to a neuropsychologist, which is a specialist for people suffering from brain injuries. My client underwent hours of extensive testing which confirmed that she has a permanent injury. My client underwent a great deal of speech therapy but is left with some cognitive impairments. Unfortunately she had to retire and gave up her financial interest in a small business.

One trucking company settled a couple days before trial. The other driver for the jack-knifed tractor-trailer admitted that he was driving too fast for conditions. The insurance carrier for the second trucking company settled with the plaintiff during a break in trial.

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