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New Red Traffic Light Laws Don't Mean You Get A Free Pass!

Did you hear about the new driving law in Pennsylvania?  New legislation that was signed into law recently allows Pennsylvania drivers to go through red lights under some circumstances.  The spirit of the law states that this is to address potentially malfunctioning red lights, especially if you are a motorcycle driver.  Sometimes, motorcyclists don't register under red light in-ground sensors and can be stuck at red lights for an extended period of time. 

New App Can Monitor Gait of Spinal Stenosis Patients

We here at Stoehr Law take spinal stenosis pain very seriously.  As such, we try our best to keep our knowledge of spinal stenosis research and treatment as current as possible.  Recently, we discovered that there is a new medical app available for smart phones that can track the gait of spinal stenosis sufferers.  Gait, the way in which an individual walks, can sometimes be a sign of a serious medical condition.  In spinal stenosis patients, your gait can change due to pain in your legs and back and weakness in certain muscle groups. Most often, this compensatory walk is due to pain in the back due to arthritis or injury from something such as a car or motorcycle accident.  This gait is often maladaptive and can cause additional medical problems down the road.  
To read more about the new app and its corresponding scientific study, you are welcome to view an article from a Biotech website in Asia, where the research originated.  Overall, the study determined that this new app is a "more convenient and affordable method for long-term monitoring in an outpatient setting", meaning fewer medical visits and (hopefully) lower bills for many chronic patients.  
If you suspect that you have spinal stenosis and were recently injured, like in a car accident or something like a slip-and-fall, you should consider consulting with an attorney.  Not only may your injury worsen over time, you may also be facing situations like time off of work, limited mobility, and potentially permanent pain.  If you don't consult with an attorney and see what your options are, you may be missing out on some choices that may considerably help you and your family in the future.  If you're located in the central PA area, such as Altoona, Tyrone, Martinsburg, Bedford, and other surrounding areas, Attorney Stoehr is an expert attorney who is skilled in handling these types of cases.  Give him a call at 814-946-4100 to schedule a meeting and discuss your potential legal claim!

Throwback Thursday: PA's Teen Drivers Are Safe!

It's Throwback Thursday here in our blog!  Take a minute to read one of our most highly viewed and shared blog posts from several years ago.  On happy note, it's celebrating how safe our state's teen drivers are! Read the original post below:
Teen drivers in Pennsylvania seem to be driving more safely in recent years, according to the Radnor Patch and AAA.com.  AAA, Mid-Atlantic region, recently reported that the driving deaths of early teenage drivers has decrease in Pennsylvania.  This is opposite of the national trend, which saw an increase of 19% in early teenage driving deaths.
Taking data from the first half of 2012, six teenage drivers between the ages of 16-17 died in automobile accidents.  This is a decrease of 4 from the same six months of 2011.  Nationally, the death toll in this age range between the first six months of 2011 to 2012 increased from 202 to 240.
Some AAA representatives feel that the decreased driving deaths for Pennsylvania teens is due to the recent legislation that tightened up teenage driving rules in PA.  It is also important to recognize the parent's role in keeping teenage drivers safe as well. Teaching teens proper road safety and etiquette is the first step to avoiding a potentially fatal accident.  
Others are concerned that the improving economy will lead more teens to travel longer distances in cars, either for work or pleasure, which could potentially lead to more automobile accidents.  Either way, at the moment, Pennsylvania teens are proving to the state that they can be safe and responsible on the road.
For more information about automobile accidents and their related personal injury claims, please visit Altoona area personal injury lawyer Doug Stoehr's website at http://www.stoehrlaw.com. You can also call his law firm at 814-946-4100.

PA Sees Marked Decrease In Traffic Deaths--Lowest Since 1928!

Good news, Pennsylvania drivers! According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, fewer people have been killed in car accidents last year than since 1928.  Additionally, the number of overall car crashes also fell.  It is great to know that the number of state highway accidents has also fallen over 20% in the past 15 years, which is close to the nationwide trend of a 25% decline in the past 10 years.  Some of these great statistics are due, in part, to enhanced safety features in newer cars and also heightened campaigns to battle drunk driving and texting/cell phone use while driving.  In Pennsylvania alone, over $50M has been used to improve safety at 4,000 areas across the state, including repainting highway lines and putting in rumble strips. More PA drivers and passengers are using seat belts than in previous years, and fewer drivers are also driving while intoxicated.  Great job, Pennsylvania drivers! 

Motorcyclists and Drivers: Share The Road This Spring!

Drivers and motorcyclists, share the road when you are out driving! An article by Lancaster Online made a few very good points about the increasing number of motorcyclists on the road as the spring weather emerges.  The author of the article stated that there are many potential road hazards that increase as the streets expose their winter wear and tear, which can affect both motorcycle and car drivers.  Drivers should be aware of the following concerns while out on Pennsylvania's roads and highways this spring:
  • Look out for potholes, loose gravel, and leftover salt and black ice as we transition into spring! If the weather is hovering around freezing, the roads may be especially dangerous.
  • When driving a car, be extra vigilant and look twice to avoid hitting motorcyclists who are out sharing the road.  Remember, most motorcyclists have not ridden all winter and may still be acclimating to riding their bikes again. 
  • Be especially careful when switching lanes around a motorcyclist, as it can be easy to misjudge speed and distance. 
  • Motorcyclists: wear helmets, even if it is not required by Pennsylvania state law!
  • Motorcycle riders should also stagger bikes instead of riding side-by-side to avoid accidents and/or injury. 
Motor vehicle accidents, such as car, truck, or motorcycle accidents, increase during the warmer months as more people begin to travel to spend time with family and friends. For motorcyclists, wearing a helmet is a common safety procedure that this law office feels should be followed at all times to protect yourself. However, we recognize that, at this time, mandatory helmet laws for those over 21 are not yet in effect. We also strongly feel that motorcyclists, cars, and bicyclists should share the road in a responsible and respectful manner. If you are a motorcyclist who has been wrongfully injured in a motor vehicle accident and may suffer from a spinal cord, brain, or other serious injury, please contact our law office, located in Altoona, PA, for a consultation at no cost to you.

Mobile DUI Memorial Hits State College

Last month, residents of State College, as well as PennState students, got to view the "DUI Victims Moving Memorial" parked along College Avenue.  This memorial is a mobile vehicle that lists the names of thousands of victims of drunk driving.  Many feel that, by listing victims' actual names instead of just numbers, the effect is much more real and unsettling.  State College police said that they hope the mobile memorial served as a reminder to dissuade drunk drivers from potentially operating a motor vehicle. According to the article by WJAC, the local police state that, arguably, the most dangerous drivers are the ones who have been casually drinking and don't realize how intoxicated they are. 

Many trial lawyers see many accidents involving drunk and/or distracted driving.  Since, by nature, these accidents are preventable, the fact that they occur at all is particularly aggravating.  It also extremely emotional, painful, and psychologically damaging for friends and family of the victims as well.  Attorney Doug Stoehr is an Altoona based personal injury lawyer who takes claims for many clients who have been injured in automobile accidents.  He also takes cases for victims of distracted driving accidents in Altoona, Blair County, and the seven surrounding counties in Pennsylvania. For more information on his central Pennsylvania practice, please call his office at 814-946-4100 or visit his website at http://www.stoehrlaw.com.
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