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Elder Emotional Abuse in Pennsylvania

Elder abuse is a growing problem in America. Many people do not realize this, but elder abuse is not limited to only physical abuse and neglect-it can take other forms, such as financial, emotional, and sexual abuse. Over a million of our nation’s elderly citizens suffer from some form of abuse every year; this number is only expected to increase in the coming years. Emotional abuse in particular is an extremely harmful and harrowing form of maltreatment that affects elderly people across the country.

Emotional Abuse of the Elderly

Emotional abuse of the elderly is arguably the most difficult and complicated form of abuse to spot. Consequently, it is also the form of abuse that will go the longest before it is detected by someone or the victim speaks up. Common signs of emotional elder abuse include, but are not limited to:

  • Verbally belittling or mocking the elderly party
  • Withdrawal or depression on the part of the victim
  • Unusual behavior between the caregiver and patient, such as the patient being noticeably uncomfortable around the caregiver

As always, a report of abuse from the elderly individual is also something that should be taken seriously. It may also be helpful to emotionally “check in” with the elderly person to ask how they are being treated and how they feel about their caregiver.

Emotional Abuse and Your Legal Claim

If you suspect that an elderly loved one has been emotionally abused while in the care of another, it could be time to take legal action. Contact an experienced elder abuse lawyer, Attorney Doug Stoehr, for more information about your possible legal claim.

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