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Stages of Decubitus Ulcers

Decubitus ulcers not only cause terrible pain and suffering, but they can also lead to death from infection. They are defined by stages, and below we have provided you with descriptions of the four stages, with a visual depiction of each stage. Decubitus ulcers are also known as pressure ulcers or bedsores and are defined as follows:

Stage 1 – the sores are not open wounds, breaks, or tears but the area may be painful . The skin that will differ to adjacent areas of the body in the following ways:

  • Skin temperature (warmer or cooler)
  • Tissue consistency (firm or boggy feel)
  • Sensation (pain or itching)

Stage 2 – the skin breaks open, wears away, or forms an ulcer which is tender and painful. The sore may expand into deeper layers of skin. It may appear as a scrape, blister or shallow crater, and sometimes looks like a blister filled with clear fluid. The skin in this stage may begin to die or be damaged beyond repair.

Stage 3 – During this stage fat may be begin to show in the sore. The sore extends into the skin forming a small crater.

Stage 4 – In this stage the sore is very deep, reaching into muscle and bone causing extensive damage. The crater may extend into deeper tissues, tendons and joints.

Stages of Decubitus ulcers


Nursing home claims that involve decubitus ulcers are complicated and challenging. You need a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer to evaluate your claim. We have seen the pain caused by nursing home neglect and are prepared to answer your questions. So if you or a family member is suffering pain from decubitus ulcers, or has died from infection related to decubitus ulcers, please contact Attorney Doug Stoehr at 814-515-9074 or email us.