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AVVO Helps the Consumer Find an Attorney

AVVO was founded in Seattle, Washington, in 2007, by a former Expedia executive. “AVVO” is short for “Avvocato,” the Italian word for lawyer. AVVO was created to help consumers obtain free advice about legal issues and recommendations on attorneys to hire. AVVO also provides free legal advice from lawyers across the country. A consumer can browse across common legal topics and submit questions on such subjects as child custody, DUI, speeding tickets or personal injury. One or more attorneys will provide brief answers on the topic for which they specialize.

The AVVO Rating Service

A consumer can search for a top-rated lawyer in any area of the country. You can also view lawyers by their practice area. For example, a consumer can simply browse through “Personal Injury Attorneys in Altoona, Pennsylvania,” and be provided with a list of attorneys rated by AVVO. The AVVO rating is an effort to evaluate a professional’s background. The rating is calculated using a mathematical model that considers the information shown in the professional’s profile, including the professional’s achievements, industry recognition, years in practice and other relevant factors. Attorney Doug Stoehr has been rated 10-Superb by the AVVO rating service.

Review Your Lawyer

You can write a review about your lawyer on You simply click on “Review your Lawyer” and post a review. Of course, this may be helpful to other people searching for an attorney. Attorney Stoehr has been reviewed by several clients and has obtained 13 endorsements from other lawyers.

Learn About Your Lawyer

AVVO obtains information about each lawyer it rates, such as experience, industry recognition, and professional conduct. Attorney Stoehr has achieved the highest level possible from AVVO in these three subject areas. Each rated lawyer has a profile page that provides that attorney’s background, contact information, the type of cases handled and the fees that are charged. Attorney Stoehr’s profile can be found at